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      "Say, Sergeant, will the guerrillas holler before they shoot, or shoot before they holler?"

      "I'm not trying to persuade you of anything." The woman wouldn't listen, that was the whole trouble: in the harsh bright light of morning she sat like a stone statue, casting a shadow of black on the polished desk. This was Dr. Haenlingenand how did you talk to Dr. Haenlingen? But it was important, Norma reminded herself again: it was perfectly possible that the entire group of people at the party would be downgraded, or at the least get marked down on their records. "But we weren't doing anything harmful. If you have a party you've got to expect people tooh, to get over-enthusiastic, maybe. But certainly there was nothing worth getting angry about. There was""No one can tell when we are like masters in all things. We know of it when the Great Elder returns to us. All must watch and wait for that day. In this time, we only remember and tell ourselves the truths over and over. There are many truths and some I can not speak. Here are the others:

      "Can't he turn the steam onto 'em, and scald 'em if they try to git at him?"

      "Sure," said Si confidently. "You watch the other side o' the bridge and I'll look out for the rest."

      "I must make some coffee. Wonder where I put my matches?"



      "You will want it," Marvor said. "I tell you something you do not know. Far away from here there are free ones. Ones without masters. I hear of them in the Birth Huts: they are elders who bring up their own in hiding from the masters. They want to be free."